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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Road House Trophy Guide

The cosmetics system is one of the less-demanding aspects of Star Wars Jedi Survivor. There are several options to customize the main character Cal. These include his hair, his wardrobe and weapons. The majority of these items can be found scattered around the map in the treasure chests. The Road House trophy/achievement in the game requires you to perform a drop-kick on an enemy and find the mullet accessory. This accessory isn’t easy to locate, so we’ve created this guide to help you find it.

You can find the chest with the mullet inside in an early location on Koboh, near the crash site. However, you will need to have the Force ability of lifting and slamming objects from your explorations in the Lucrehulk. To find the chest containing the mullet, you will need to reach the Derelict Dam and locate a large platform that rises out of the mud after using the Force to climb up a platform close to the destroyed dam. You should be able to jump on some yellow platforms if you approach the drop-off towards the left. You should get onto those platforms as quickly as you can, as staying in the sludge for too long will kill you.

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How to Equip Cosmetics in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Cal can be customized in the game by equipping different accessories. Customize can be found in the main menu. You should see a hairstyle option. Tab over to it until you find mullet, or whatever hairstyle you want for him. After you have selected your cosmetics, apply them and then exit the game.

It gives you more freedom to customize Cal. Although he’s not a character that you created, dressing him up in the way you like adds some personalization. You can change your cosmetics whenever you want by returning to the menu. There are no rules, and whatever you choose will appear in the cutscenes.

You can even choose to randomize your cosmetics after death if you are feeling super adventurous. To do this, you must complete the main scenario in order to unlock the New Game+ Perks. Then select the Perk titled Trendsetter. Equip the Perk at any Meditation Point to have fun.

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