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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Legendary Adversaries Locations Guide

With the addition of Legendary Adversaries, Star Wars Jedi Survivor will put you to the ultimate test of your navigational abilities. The Legendary Adversaries is just one side quest you can do on your adventure. You can choose to defeat all 13, but you must find them and beat them to earn the I’m a Living Legend achievement.

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Star Wars Jedi: The Survivor HTML0 – Legendary adversary locations

They are spread out on many planets, from Koboh to Jedha, and Coruscant. They can be found on the battlefield, or they may appear as part of a side quest. You can find some hidden bosses that are off the beaten track. Explore as much as possible to discover them. We’ve listed them all and their locations to make it easier.

STAR WARS Jedi  Survivor™ 20230426172819 0 - Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Legendary Adversaries Locations Guide

Legendary Adversary Locations on Coruscant

  • D-L1T, Courscant Hangar 2046C. Enter the building to the left after exiting the Mantis. After using BD-1’s ability to charge the doors, the droid can be found in the northern part of the map. You can find DT Sentry in the shadows of this legendary enemy.
  • Frenzied Jotaz – Courscant, Undercity Meats. You can use the BD-1 to find and open this door using the electro dart. There should be a lot noise to indicate where the Jotaz is.

Koboh’s Legendary Adversary Locations

  • Untamed downs, level B. Go to the mine that is located on the western side of Untamed Downs. Enter the facility. In the final room to the left, you should find the Droideka.
  • Gorocco Matriarch: Access this area in the Derelict Dam, by blowing the wall hidden to the left of the main Dam. The same cracked wall that you destroyed earlier should work. Take one of the mines and roll it across the wall. Then, use the Force to toss the mine to destruction. Follow the path to the matriarch once you’re inside.
  • Beetu Deetu is located in Southern Reach, just beyond the gap that you can jump across near the lumbering creature heading into the Valley.
  • Rancor: When looking for “Missing Prospectors”, you will find this Rancor at Sodden Grotto, level C. It is located near the Meditation Point.
  • The Mire Terror: After you gain the ability to use the Force to move something upwards or downwards, return to the crash site. Enter the large gate that was locked at the beginning. Take the elevator down at the bottom and use the platforms on the right to reach the left area. After the platforms, you will find The Mire Terror on a piece of land.
  • Vile Bilemaw: You can find it in the Fogged Expanse, past Skoova’s Chamber of Detachment. It’s tricky to reach this one – the platform that’s above isn’t activated until it’s defeated. You can reach the legendary by dropping down the angled dropdown on the map. After you defeat it, the Fortitude Perk is nearby.
  • The Son of Oggdo can be found by going to Fort Kah’lin, following the platform around the Meditation Point. The floor will fall out once you reach an open space. This is where the Son of Oggdo can be found.
  • The Massif: Head towards the Yurt barracks in Koboh. You can find the Yurt Barracks by going left and climbing up until you reach the top. Then, use Force Lift to get through the door.
  • Urgost, the Fist of Rayvus: As you climb the Observatory Understructure in Koboh to reach the top, you will encounter Urgost. Can’t miss him.

Legendary Adversary Locations on Jedha

  • Golden Skriton: You can find it on Jedha. When you leave the base, you should head to the meditation area and turn left. You’ll see a valley filled with flying creatures near the area where you previously travelled. Here you’ll encounter the Golden Skriton. He’s a challenge, but you can make things easier by using Crossguard to do a downward jumping slash. After defeating the Golden Skriton, you will find nearby “Unflinching Perk”.
  • Sutaban Alpha is located in the Crypt of Uhrma, just beyond where Skoovastev can be seen fishing. To get to this location, you’ll have to be able to cross the green barriers. Once inside though, it is very easy to find the enemy.

Unlocking I’m a Living Legend Trophy

It’s easy to unlock the I’m a Living Legend Trophy. It should appear for you once you have defeated the final opponent. You can just enjoy that you’ve beaten 13 of the most difficult enemies in the game.

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