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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Fish Guide: Locations and the Skoova Diving Trophy

Star Wars Jedi Survivor does not make an exception. Fishing is a common feature in RPGs around the globe. Skoova is a key NPC you will meet on your journey. Instead of using a rod to fish directly, Skoova can help. Skoova can be found in various water pools throughout the game. For example, on your way to the Foothill Falls or by the abandoned shack, if you’re following the Rumor. You can find all Skoova’s fish here.

STAR WARS Jedi  Survivor™ 20230422192418 - Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Fish Guide: Locations and the Skoova Diving Trophy

The Star Wars Jedi SurvivorFish locations

You’ll soon discover that Skoova is an incredibly nice person. He will not only fish for you, but he’ll also tell you a few stories. You can hire Skoova and have him settle in Pyloon Saloon. You’ll need to find all of his fish, as he will help you run the aquarium.

Let’s find 12 of them.

STAR WARS Jedi  Survivor™ 20230424153514 - Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Fish Guide: Locations and the Skoova Diving Trophy

Jedi SurvivorFish locations on Koboh

  • Barbed Hookfish – Smuggler’s Tunnels, Level C.
    • Skoova is likely to be lurking around the large pool of water near the Meditation Point.
  • The Viscid Lurker is a Phon’qi Caverns Level C.
    • Skoova is located near the southern end of the tunnels.
  • Fingerlip Garpon – Rambler’s Reach Outpost, Level B.
    • Skoova is near the stables in the water. Talk to him and you’ll get the Fingerlip Garpon.
  • Big-Mouth Faa – Rift Passage, Level B.
    • Skoova is on the way to or from the Rift passage (or back down if you came from a later part of the story). Skoova is right beside a square, small pool just before the Passage chamber.
  • Blinding Rayfish, Koboh Stone Spires – Devastated Settlement (Level B).
    • Walk back to the Meditation Point after you have gotten the second device from Koboh. You’ll find Skoova in a small pool next to the stairs. He’ll pick up the Blinding Rayfish.
  • Blue-Finned Crayfish, Bygone Settlement Level B.
    • Ride a Nekko up to the Meditation Point at the Nekko pools. Skoova is located at the heated pool as soon as you enter Bygone Settlement.
  • Foothill Falls Level B – See Fish
    • Skoova is located next to the big swimming pool, with the grappling tag.
  • Mee Fish
    • You’ll need to head back further in the Canyon, past where Scoova was fishing for See Fish. You can get past the first force field by using mind tricks on the guards. (Unlock BD-1’s Slice for Security Droids) But you will need Dash to continue. Skoova is just beyond. Skoova, the Meefish and other items are just a jump away.
  • Glottsamcrab
    • You can find Zygg in the Swamps Of Koboh. Skoova is right behind you, trying to capture this muck-dweller.
  • Frilled newts –
    • From where you first touched down on Koboh, head back all the way to the Gorge Crash Site. Skoova is in the western water if you go to Meditation Point. You can’t miss him.

Jedi Survivor Fish Locations in Jedha

  • Snakefish, Arid Flats Level A
    • Skoova is diving for Snakefish right after you leave Cere’s Base. Head to the Meditation Point just outside.
  • The Fantailed Laa
    • Skoova is located across the ravine, opposite the Crypt Of Uhrma Mediation Point. You’ll need to complete the Crypt of Uhrma puzzle to get to Skoova and the zipline.

Unlocking the Star Wars Jedi SurvivorSkoova diving achievement / trophy

The game rewards you for collecting all 12 fish with the Skoova diving trophy/achievement. This means that you have filled up the aquarium at the cantina. The search for all 12 fish can be a lengthy one, but this guide should make it a lot easier.

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