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World of Warships is in a great place right now

Everyone on the deck! Raising the black jack, and closing the hatches. Who even knew World of Warships existed anymore? I did not! Hell, I went over my World of Tanks/Planes/Ships/War Thunder phase years ago, after realizing that high-tier vehicles required a ample coffer and grinding to match. However, the world came to a halt, and I was marooned, in desperate need of entertainment related to seas. Buccaneers, adieu!

Total War Curse of the Vampire Coast nails the strategic aspect of creating a Marine Corps of filibusters who are disgruntled and very, very deceased. They can then be hornswaggled into a professional Army. I’m shivering! Creative Assembly’s landlubbers thought it would be a good idea to avoid the board-on-board fest of a PIRATE DLC. Sunless Sea was just too depressing at this time, and Gaijin’s low-tier, strategyless, punny PT boats spewing lead all over the place did not suffice either. War Thunder’s maritime section is one huge pile of ships.

IdUGnvD - World of Warships is in a great place right now

Watch enough videos of World of Warship on YouTube after listening to “Bismark”, by Sabaton. You’ll be tempted by Wargaming’s sirens to crack Jenny’s cup for two or three tries if you watch a few. You’ll find beautiful rendered World War 1 & 2 naval Hearties & Man-o-Wars waiting for you to crack them.

World of Warships is a game that doesn’t give any quarter in terms of hardware. It packs over 200 ships with their own unique quirks and bits to mess around. My sea legs took me up to the sixth tier of the cruiser tech trees for the American and Japanese ships. The battleships I have encountered, up to tier 5, are not my preferred method of naval combat. They’re cumbersome and slow-firing, with a low rate of fire. The sneaky-peaky Destroyers, on the other hand, run an rig of torp’n’take heels that require a great deal of map knowledge that I lack. If I want to watch others have fun, I can open up another tab on pornhub. Then, cruisers are the way to go!

You can whip nine tails from those who dare close for a broadside by using anti-aircraft weapons, main batteries, secondary batteries, and torps. Cruise captains who want to stay out of the “deep six” will need to work with other maritimers. The cruiser’s task as the helmsman is to support fire, flank and surprise the enemy and send them into an endless search for Davy Jones’ locker. These salty, sea-dogs are able to furl sails, use superior knots, and draw fire in order to kite and expose the enemy, who will then deliver a broadside on your slim, juicy silouette.

YrUc210 - World of Warships is in a great place right now

Positioning is important to able seamen, lest they find themselves in a situation where the depths and devil are involved.

Knowing the limits of your field of view is also important. Those who know how to use their cannons will have the ability to fire a salute that’s not friendly while still keeping the other side at a safe distance. Armchair admirals who want to give their enemies a thrashing must be familiar with the range, calibre and reload time of main and secondary battery, as well as shot spread, penetration and gun traverse speeds. To avoid accidentally blasting portholes into the hull of their ship, seafarers should also know how to accurately lead shots and correct them. Take into consideration the shape, the armor and the critical areas within your ship and the talented corsairs will be able to use this information in order to avoid any ill intentions of the enemy ordnance. Seafarer is a seafarer’s game where the S from Sea becomes Strategic Play.

PFpIwfQ - World of Warships is in a great place right now

The game rewards you for hoofing it to the port. World of Warships is a game that rewards players for their skill. It’s rare that you can’t penetrate the enemy’s armor. I’ve not been compelled to rely on XP or credits like I was in World of Tanks. As I’m being honest with you, currently I do have a Premium Account activated. That could explain the situation. However, there is still plenty of booty to be had even without it.

Unfortunately, this is not the game for those who want to experience an admiralty from a chair. World of Warships, a classic arcade game, is for those who want to captain the great ships of the early 20th century and hoist the Jolly Roger. Keep yourself safe, protect yourself and stay at home!

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