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PS5 Pro Controller with stick analog change

According to a report by Tom Henderson, for Try Hard Magazines, Sony will release a PS5 Pro “seasoned” Playstation Controller icon that has removable analog sticks, and rear paddle triggers just like the Xbox Elite.

According to the report, Sony would monitor this “authentic specialist” in the coming week. There is an interesting rumor, which says that Sony will hold a “briefing” of some sort on June 30th where it could also reveal the release date of God of Battle: Ragnarok.

According to Try Hard Publications, “Hunt” is the codename of the pro controller. It is said to be equipped with removable analog sticks and cause stops as well as buttons at the rear.

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Henderson says he has visible pictures of the prototype controller for the rumored game, although no images have been uploaded to the records. Henderson said the style of the supposed pro controller was similar to that found on the PS5 DualShock, but with some updates.

According to the document, there may be new grips that can help customers grasp the controller. These grips are detachable.

According to the report, Sony is expected to unveil new hardware, but not a new console, at the end of June. However, it’s doubtful that this new controller will be included. GameSpot contacted Sony to get their take on this story.

Sony has never released a controller like this one for PS4, even though Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Controller is around for many years. Sony released a back button for DualShock 4. It’s not mentioned in the article, but it is likely that the new PS5 Pro controller will work with PCs as well, given Sony’s new thrust into the world of computer video games.

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It is going to look like Dualsense, but there are some key differences. One of the most important is that the buttons under the analog stick can be removed. Another function is the activation of stops on the back of the controller.

It also has handles that can be removed to help keep it in place. This PS5 Pro Controller is also capable of receiving vital updates to its software.

According to the latest claims, Sony will launch new hardware (not the new PS5) in June. However, it’s unclear if this new controller is included. It seems the Dualsense button is hidden and possibly also the daily functions in order to show the difference.

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