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War Thunder Troubles Resolved!

This digest will tell you more about the ongoing work we are doing to improve and fix your game.

its fixed 74war thunder 0 - War Thunder Troubles Resolved!

In the special section of our website, you can read about every update that has been released. Feel free to share your thoughts on the changes you’ve noticed in our “It’s fixed!” section.

its fixed 74war thunder 3 - War Thunder Troubles Resolved!

№74″ threadGet back! War Thunder has a number of vehicles with reverse transmissions. We’ve also added automatic transmissions to War Thunder so that you can control them easier.

its fixed 74war thunder 1 - War Thunder Troubles Resolved!

It turned out that it did not work as planned and may have prevented you from making a quick retreat to safety.

The Automatic Transmission works correctly when moving backwards directly, but it will change to reverse gear 1 if your car is turned!

The reverse motion can also be affected if your wheels are completely turned one way.

Now automatic transmission uses all the power of your vehicle — in several cases the speed of turning in reverse increased up to two times! It’s time to weigh things up.

Most players of mid rank try to maximize the suspended weapons on their aircraft. It’s now more comfortable!

Now each weapon in the editor of the suspended weaponry will display its weight — as will the entire preset.

You’ll be able to compare your current weight against the maximum — or check how much you’ve exceeded the limit if you did. Enjoy experimenting with several different types of explosives!

Fly high. The air-to-surface AGM-65 cannot reach its full range without being launched at a high altitude.

This was because the missile needed to rise to this height to get to that range. But it simply couldn’t. It was a signature move that we had taught to it!

AIM-54 was capable of lofting, but with a catch. When it was pulling up it might hit the aircraft from which it was launched.

This was fixed, as we increased the warm-up angle for seeker equipment and operational time.

Short and long range autopilot is not functioning properly on the L-UMTAS or Mokopa missiles.

The flight path was determined by how long they spent at each fin position.

It is now possible to set the trajectory of the autopilot more accurately, as it works in proportional mode.

Finally, the Torus missile 9M331, which has a maximum allowable overload almost doubled. All missiles on the list have had their autopilots and dynamic systems improved.

You should use them wisely! That’s Not AllYou’ll find the full list of improvements in the separate changelog — there are many interesting things there.

The weapon selector does not prevent the camera from tracking the torpedos and bombs that are falling. It also keeps the aircraft’s propeller in the same position regardless of where you stand.

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