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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Jedha Crypt of Uhrma Puzzle Guide

Star Wars Jedi Survivor puts a huge emphasis on exploration, to the point that not all items are easily visible or accessible on your journey. You’ll do a lot of exploration throughout the game. You’ll have to solve a lot of puzzles to unlock some of the secrets. Cal will visit this area on Jedah after reaching a certain stage in the story. This puzzle will be of interest to those who have been searching for the Legendary Adversaries or working through Skoova’s collection.

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How to Solve Crypt Of Uhrma Puzzle Star Wars Jedi: The Survivor

You will first need to head over to Crypt of Uhrma. You can go directly to the Meditation Point if you have already been there. You will find it as you climb the cliffs in the main scenario. You’ll immediately notice you are in a crypt, as its name suggests. After you defeat the enemies scattered here, your path will be blocked in the back. Here is where the puzzle begins.

It’s not obvious, but there is a nearby solution to the puzzle. You’ll find a hallway on the right with two illuminated spaces. You can also play with the puzzle by pushing and pulling all the blocks. The solution is the same in all cases: Pull out the blocks on the top row that are the most left and most right. Pull out the middle two blocks on the bottom row. You can now pass through the door. This is all so easy.

After you solve the puzzle, you will be able go down a pathway that leads to Skoova. He is searching for one of the fish there. After you have done this, enter a cave and take on Sutaban Alpha Legendary enemy. The zip line will take you back to Meditation Point. It’s just one of the many places in Jedi Survivor that require a bit more detective work.

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