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Cassette Beasts Tips and Tricks for Mastering Combat

Here are some Cassette Beasts Tips to guide you.

Keep a Type Chart Handy

There are many combinations that can be made when you combine the type of monster and move. To take advantage of these types and interactions, you should have a chart with you.

If you want to use this picture, keep it on your phone. You will also find the Elemental Type chart in your Misc. section of the inventory the first time that you open your Ranger Handbook.

Cassette Beasts Elemental Type Chart - Cassette Beasts Tips and Tricks for Mastering Combat

Target Colors

The circle can be either green or yellow.

You can also see icons to indicate the status effects (both good and bad).

Use Buffs and Debuffs

You will be able to use Buffs and Debuffs in The Cassette Beasts. You can even get through an entire game using random debuffs, like with Candevil, my starter monster.

The beginning of the game is set up to help you do this by providing quality monsters that fulfill both roles.

I found that Leech, Poison and Sleep were the most powerful debuffs. You can tank with Leech and regain health while your enemy suffers from Poison or Burn.

Don’t Forget About Stickers

All Monsters, regardless of Elemental Type, can wear all types of stickers.

You can use stickers to apply movies to monster tapes for battle. The stickers can also be easily removed from the tape and placed on another tape without any consequences. There are vendors all around Harbourtown who sell these.

Take advantage of these stickers. Stickers can be used to replace monsters with useless moves or abilities. Passive abilities are also affected.

4. Tailor Your Team to Your Partner

Partner combo in Cassette Beasts - Cassette Beasts Tips and Tricks for Mastering Combat

Each partner has their own Monster Tape, which does different things. To make things easier for your partner, who is not very high-leveled, or doesn’t possess many stars, adjust your team. This is often used to hide your partner’s weaknesses, particularly in the initial battles.

Click on the enemy’s AP

You should always be aware of the archangels’ high-cost attacks. They can easily take you out and your teammates in a single blow.

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