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Honoring the Brave in War Thunder

Victory! Victory!Tens of thousands of people still remember and celebrate this victory as the greatest event in the XXth-century. War Thunder will commemorate the event.

Play War Thunder between May 5th and May 10th (11:01 GMT) to receive prizes!

“Poster with a soldier” decal Maxim–Tokarev machine gun decoration for ground vehicles 120-PM-38 naval decoration Play 3 battles (with activity of no less than 70%).

Tank battles: Earn up to 20000 total points when you control vehicles at rank III and above. Earn a total of 10000 points by controlling vehicles with a rank 3 or higher during naval battles.

victory day in war thunderwar thunder 0 - Honoring the Brave in War Thunder

You can check your task progress by clicking on your nickname → Achievements → Victory Day.

You can purchase trophies in the item shop that include decorations for Allied weapons or decals you don’t yet have.

These decals are three of the main Soviet memorials to military history: “Motherland”, “Rear Front” and “Warrior Liberator”. The decorations include: Bren Mk II ROKS-3 M1 Garand SG-43 Matilda II and Matilda II for large vessels.

Gaijin Discounts from 5 to 12 May. You can find many discounts on high-rank vehicle packs as well as special thematic bundles celebrating Victory Day in our Net Store.

victory day in war thunderwar thunder 1 - Honoring the Brave in War Thunder

Legend of Victory : BM 31-12 AndryushaFrom the 10th of May until the 22nd of May, take part in the Legend of Victory Event and win decals, decoration, and the unique BM 31-12, the young brother of the legendary Katyusha.

The BM-31-12 can fire 300mm M-31 heavy unguided missiles.

A welded frame of 12 rails is mounted on the Studebaker chassis to provide guidance and launch.

In the spring 1944, the machine passed successfully and it was placed into service under the designation BM-31-2 in June.

The new vehicle, based on the Katyusha MLRS (little Andrey in Russian), was given the name Andryusha by the Russian troops.

The weapon was used extensively in battles in Europe during the last stages of WWII, especially in urban battles to support Soviet troops storming into cities.

The Red Army acquired 1,807 BM31-12 Andryushas in total until the war ended.

Victory Tournament Series: Participate in all 7 of the tournaments from the Victory Series to receive decals, titles and a portion of the prize pool of 70000 GE.

Victory RB Air Victory RBm TanksMay 7, Vicrory Fleet RBMay 8, Victory Tanks 2×2 RBm Victory Tanks 2×3 RBm May 9, Victory RBm 1×1.

Tanks Victory SB

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