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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Holotactics Guide: Where to Unlock and Tips for Playing

Star Wars Jedi Survivor adds more features to the RPG to make it a better experience. Holotactics is one such minigame that you can spend a great deal of time with if you want to get the rewards as well as stack up all of the required units. Holotactics, as its name implies, is a holographic game of strategy played on a board at the Pyloon Saloon in Ramber’s Reach. However, it’s not available by default. It’s an optional feature that you can unlock as part of the NPC recruitment and exploration scattered around the map.

Star Wars Jedi: The Survivor How to unlock holotactics

The Untamed Downs are located on the map’s west side. You should be able to hear someone calling for help if you look left, past the Meditation Point. Jump across the raised cliffs to defeat the beast trapping the two. You will then meet Tulli mu and Bhima ook, who will explain to you the Holotactics Game. The game will then be added to Pyloon Saloon, in Ramber’s Reach.

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To play Holotactics you will need to return to the Saloon, go up one level (the same as the one where the aquarium is) and find Tulli and Bhima in their room. They have the Holotactics Table. You can then jump right in and begin playing.

You can select an opponent to face when you launch Holotactics. Beating them will earn you some special rewards. Turgle, Greez Tulakt Merrin Caij Skoova T-1N8 and other opponents can be unlocked.

Spend Battle Points on units to buy them (each has a different point value; more powerful units are more expensive, etc. and they’re split into Melee and Ranged) and then place them onto the table. You can play multiple waves in each challenge. If you lose a wave, you have to start the challenge over. In addition, you will receive additional Battle Points for each wave. Any points that are not used will also carry over to the following one. To complete the challenge, you must win every wave.

Scan enemies on the field to add them to your Holotactics. You should have at least a few units ready for use by the time you unlock Holotactics. If not, just make sure that you have BD-1 scan enemy when the prompt appears.

STAR WARS Jedi  Survivor™ 20230423161402 - Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Holotactics Guide: Where to Unlock and Tips for Playing

Star Wars Jedi: The Survivor HTML0: Tips for playing Holotactics

As with any game in which you must spend points to build a team, the best way to avoid wasting all of your currency is to not buy a few of the most expensive units. It’s usually best to look at how your opponent plays and adjust accordingly. Select ranged units for combating ranged opponents or melee unit to attack melee. Grab one of the high-cost, heavy-hitting droids for extra firepower. Holotactics allows you to mix and match units in order to see how your battles will play out. Although you don’t control these skirmishes, you still need to use strategy to choose which units to send out in order to win.

Quick Tip:

  • You can use a “tank” with one of the larger robots (cost 10), which you can then support if necessary by adding gunners (6) or rocket troopers (6).
  • Skriton, Droidekas and other enemies require melee.
  • Use 2 gunners (6) and a large robotic (10), to defeat the larger beasts. Rocket troopers(6) are also great.
  • A Skriton is a great weapon for a ranged group.
  • You can carry over some points, particularly if you are playing 2>3 or 3>4 rounds.

You’ll be able to choose from a larger selection of horses if you play towards the end and defeat all the bounties.

Unlocking the Gambler achievement in Jedi Survivor

It’s easier said than done – you will need to defeat all the players at the holotable in order to unlock the Gambler Achievement / Trophy. To unlock all of the achievements, you will need to recruit some ahead of time. You can earn rewards by winning, so keep collecting units and be smart. The order is:

  • Turgle – 1x Priority
  • Greez – Cosmetic Jacket
  • Tulakt – Lightsaber Coating
  • Merrin – 1x Scroll
  • Caij – 1x Bounty Puck
  • Scoova – Mustache Cosmetic
  • T-1N8 1x Data Disk
  • Tulli – 1x Skill Point


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