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Honkai: Star Rail Gacha Guide

HonkaiGacha guide is a game that offers a variety of playable characters. These are hidden behind banners in the game called “Warps”. We’ll explain how Warps function and if you should use your Stellar Jade in our Honkai Star RailGacha Guide.

Honkai Star Rail Gacha Guide - Honkai: Star Rail Gacha Guide

How Honkai: Star Rail Gacha Works

Each warp of Honkai Star Rail offers a variety of Light Cones and characters to enhance your collection. Stellar Warps are known as Regular Warps, and they will never be updated to include new characters. Event Warps, on the other hand, offer characters and Light Cones with a higher pull rate. (Though this is not a very high chance). Click “View Details”, and you can see your odds for a certain item, as well as a list of all the rewards that Warps have given to date. Star Rail passes or Star Rail special passes are required to pull on warps.

Honkai Star Rail Gacha Guide Characte Event Warp - Honkai: Star Rail Gacha Guide

What is Star Rail Star Rail passes?

Star Rail Special passes are required to use Event Warps. You can earn them through gameplay or ascension, and 1 Pass is equal to 1 Light Cone. You can buy Passes if you do not have them. Stellar Jade is the only way to purchase it. Stellar Jade can be used to create Warps. It also has other uses. You can also use real money in order to obtain Stellar Jade. This is done by buying Oneiric Shards and then converting them into Stellar Jade.

You can earn a few Star Rail Special and Star Rail Passes each month using Undying Embers. This currency is earned by pulling any Warp. Go to the store and click on the Embers Exchange tab. You can get 5 Star Rail Passes or Star Rail Special Passes here for just 90 Undying Embers, and the amount resets each month.

The Pity represents the number of pulls on a warp that you must do before being guaranteed to get a 5-star character or light cone. Honkai Star Rail has a pity of 90 banner pulls. This means that if you have pulled 89 times without getting a 5 star, it will be guaranteed on your next pull. The pity resets once you receive a 5 star, so you will get another 5-star in 90 pulls.

The Event Warps are a little different. If you get a 5-star but it’s not the Light Cone or character with the increased rate the next time, you will be guaranteed to receive that 5-star. Event Warps feature the same 90-pull pity. However, this also applies to banners running afterward. If you have pulled 50 times in an Event Warp, and then it switches to another one, that’s still 50 pulls toward the 90-pull pity.

What warps should you pull on in Honkai Star Rail?

You’ll get the Departure Warp when you start Honaki: Star Rail the first time. This banner is only available to newly created accounts. You can pull only 10 times, but at the reduced price of 8 Star Rail passes. You should start by spending all your Star Rail Passes here, since you will be guaranteed at least one 5-star character after 50 pulls. Then, you should use your later Star Rail Passes to purchase Stellar Warp, the permanent banner. Save Stellar Jade as a reserve for limited banners.


You’ll be able to access “Butterfly on Swordtip”, “Brilliant fixation” Event Warps at launch. The former will focus on characters with 5 stars, and the latter on Light Cones of the same level. Seele has a higher rate of pulling and is a great Quantum element attacker.

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