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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Abilities and Stances Guide

The lightsaber battle is a key part of Star Wars Jedi Survivor. You’ll spend a lot of time on it, either unlocking new abilities, creating combos, or combining the different stances. Cal’s lightsaber kit now includes five types of stances. Each one offers a different gameplay experience, depending on what you choose to equip. Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s abilities and stances are important to understand!

STAR WARS Jedi  Survivor™ 20230420130347 - Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Abilities and Stances Guide

Star Wars Jedi Survivor The Five Lightsaber Stances

The stances in Jedi: Survivor have been enhanced and expanded to allow for more customization. Dual Wield will be the first stance available, and Crossguard, Blaster, and Blaster’s unlock as you progress through the story. You won’t be able to miss any of the key points.

  • Single: The classical and balanced combat approach. It is claimed that this stance can be relied upon in any situation.
  • Double-Bladed: A very mobile and energetic way to fight. Double-Bladed is best used when fighting a group of enemies at the same time.
  • Dual Wield is an offensive combat approach. Dual-wielding is a way to overwhelm your enemies in a rush of attacks. By pressing L1, you can stop attacks. On Coruscant, this stance can be unlocked.
  • Crossguard: A lethal, low-level approach to fighting. Crossguard uses powerful swings to destroy enemies. However, there are very long wind ups. On the Shattered Moon, this stance can be unlocked.
  • The Blaster Stance is an unconventional approach to combat. This stance allows you to combine your lightsaber with blaster for a more powerful ranged attack. Caij can upgrade this stance.
    • Charge Shot Area
    • Ricochet
    • Stun Shot

Cal is able to equip and switch between two different stances. It is beneficial to experiment with different stances because it can provide a variety of gameplay options depending on which one you choose. So give them a go and find out what suits you best.

STAR WARS Jedi  Survivor™ 20230423210248 - Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Abilities and Stances Guide

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Abilities

Players can use a variety of abilities, including new stances for Cal & BD-1!

The BD-1 Capabilities List

Two new abilities are available to you in BD-1 that can be used for things such as traversing and solving puzzles. Below are the two new abilities and how to unlock them.

  • Koboh Grinders (Story Unlocking)
    • By switching to this capability, BD-1 can spray a Koboh Matter path onto Koboh Tuner beams to remove objects that are blocking the path.
  • BD-1 Electro Dart (Story Unlock, late game)
    • BD-1 is able to fire a dart charged with electricity at electronics exposed in order for it to open doors and move platforms when needed.
  • Cut –
    • BD-1 can control damaged droids in many different types. The Electro Dart can be used to mark enemies even before battle begins to give you an advantage in the fight. Upgrades can be purchased from Caij or found around the globe:
      • Caij B1 Droid purchased
      • Caij – B2 Droid purchased
      • Caij – Probe Droid
      • Find the Security Droid on Koboh, behind the Green Forcefield as you head to the Mountain Jedi Chamber
      • Droideka found on Shattered Moon at the top of Republic Research Lab (need to burn off some contaminants)
      • Magnaguard is located in Phon’Qi Caverns, near the place where the shortcut lift can be activated at the bottom. The wall is up and across from the force field.
      • DT Sentry – Behind a door you will open with BT’s dart after defeating ’s legendary opponent D-L1T

Spending bounty pucks at Caij in Pyloon’s Saloon, Koboh, after you unlock the bounty marks system is the only way to purchase additional droids. You can also find them all over the place as described above. These are all optional but they can be useful if you want to make your experience with Star Wars Jedi Survivor more personalized.

Cal Kestis Abilities List

Cal can use a variety of abilities, including some from his past, such as Wall Run and Jedi Flip. The full list is below:

  • Ascension Cable: Acquired on your first visit to Coruscant.
  • Story Unlock – Merrin’s charm – Aquired in Jedha
  • Dash: Story Unlock – Purchased on Jedha
  • Purchased during the second trip to Shattered Moon.
  • Mount Taming is available on Koboh
    • Nekko Mount: Access to Nekko Mounts for mud inclines and higher jumps.
    • Relter Tame gives you the ability to access Relter’s Jedha which are fast-moving across the vast expanse.

What is the best way to get past force fields in Star Wars Jedi Survivor?

You’ll have to get Merrin’s charm, given out during Jedha’s story, in order to be able to avoid green forcefields. You can use it to dash past Force Fields and enter new areas in Jedi Survivor.

What is the best way to cross over the buoys when playing Star Wars Jedi Survivor?

Flying buoys will allow you to access new areas as you travel through Koboh or Jedha. To unlock them and access more areas, you will need to advance in the story to the point where you have visited the Shattered Moon twice.

What are the different ways to power up Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s electrical equipment?

You’ll find small, blue, electricity-charged devices as you travel through the worlds of Koboh, Jedha and Coruscant. To use them, you will need BD-1’s Electro Dart, acquired through the Chapter 5 story.

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