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Latest News on Strategy and Wargaming News

It’s alive! GameLabs has announced that Ultimate General: American Revolution’s website was updated a couple of weeks back. The website looks the same, I’m not sure what was different, but they haven’t said when it will release. Ultimate General: American Revolution will be a sandbox game that allows players to immerse themselves in the American Revolutionary War’s epic history. They can choose to play as either British colonists or American Colonists. Battle for control of North America on an exciting real-time map, where players can construct their military infrastructure and build up their army on a regimental basis.

The Great War: Western Front Now Available on Steam – A Captivating Real-Time Strategy Game by Petroglyph

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Petroglyph’s captivating Real-Time Strategy Game, The Great War : Western Front is now on Steam. The game will challenge your ability to make decisions on all levels, whether it’s in the heat of battle or the big schemes unfolding over the course the campaign.

The first world war is now available to everyone in a way they have never experienced before. Turn-based, real-time and archive footage of the Imperial War Museums will enhance the historical context. World War 1 is done correctly.

Once you’ve arrived at the front you can choose whether to be the leader of the Central Powers or The Allied Forces. This will require you to fight on a persistent, living battlefield. You will have the highest chance of victory if you lay trenches efficiently, plan your assaults and take key positions. In the Theatre of War, you can guide your faction through battles by taking high-level tactical decisions.

Bulwark : Falconeer Chronicles is a neat solo development experiment

Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles, a 3D builder that tests your skills on the haunting terrains of The Great Ursee.

You can expect an innovative gameplay that allows you to move around your creations as you build. It’s a minimalist UI that encourages more exploration than control. There is a learning curve, but no mistakes – only happy accidents.

Bulwark allows you to create without any restrictions, such as a grid. This gives you the creative freedom you need to construct in whatever way you like. It requires an innovative approach that is focused on the actual world, rather than clicking around a screen. As of now, there is no official release date.

Oceania Shadow Empire – A great expansion that will drown you in its depths

It’s finally here: the much anticipated release of Shadow Empire DLC! Shadow Empire Oceania offers players a whole new world of opportunities and challenges. Unlike the original Shadow Empire, which only allowed for desert planets to be created by the Planet Generation feature, the DLC now allows players to create Second Earths and Waterworlds. As a person who hates all things dry, I think this will be a great opportunity for me.

The new Shadow Empire DLC, Oceania: A vast and mysterious area awaits you. It costs 9.99$ (or your equivalent) in other regions.

Whiskey & Lemons DLC: The Best American Civil War Video Game Gets RPG-Lite Expansion

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Get ready for an exciting new career mode in the best American Civil War video game with the Whiskey & Lemons DLC. The RPG-lite DLC allows you to take control of your regiment and create your own character. You can also determine your Civil War personality by completing a quiz. The AI will give you orders and, as long as your performance is good, you’ll be promoted to higher ranks. No release date has been set.

The Iron Curtain Update will add even more regiments

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A new “Iron Curtain” update is coming in mid-April to Regiments, which will bring five additional Warsaw Pact regiments – including two Polish ones – and a wide range of new equipment to the game. The “Iron Curtain’ update introduces Static Defense, a new exciting game mode. The goal of this mode is to defend your territory from powerful enemy attacks. It also features a rule that allows allied units the ability to entrench during combat. Infantry platoons can still entrench quicker, but all other allied units are able to fight against enemy attacks.

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