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Operation Alpha: A Hearts of Iron IV War Effort [1.12.13 Open Beta]

Salut, Generals! Operation Alpha’s open beta has been updated for May!
As usual, this patch contains bug fixes and balance adjustments, plus something special for all you modders.

We’ve also worked on language support for Simplified China for quite some time.

The new Developer Diaries for Chinese, Japanese and Russian will all be translated. We have a lot more in store for those who don’t speak English.

capsule 616x353 11 - Operation Alpha: A Hearts of Iron IV War Effort [1.12.13 Open Beta]

Support for Simplified Chinese added to Localization.

Balance Lord Halifax now has two leader traits and reduces the requirements with the British Raj when forming the Imperial Federation/Commonwealth of Nations.

India’s resistance will increase if Lord Halifax is employed to annexe the British Raj into the Imperial Federation. Fixes for non-MTG vessels with incorrect base speeds.

The biggest difference in speed and agility factors has been increased by 1 This increases the impact of stats in air combat. UI Medals available to Divisional commanders can now be seen on the army screen.

Menus now include a link to the new Hearts of Iron IV channel on YouTube. Modding Added effect remove_civil_war_target.

Fix a bug in the Pressure Government Event Chain for Italy and Soviets, whereby the event feedback communicating the chosen target went to the recipient instead of the sender.

Ironman now allows you to play as the released country. The observed country is now retained by observers on hotjoin, resynch and sync.

Fix for License Production Access being lost when loading a saved file. After completing the Aid for Spanish Republic, Democratic Italy is now able to send volunteer teams to Spain.

Belgium Congo can sometimes switch to Germany when Belgium capitulates. Yes, the map will not be updated until this patch is released.

Enjoy your weekend and see you next week for something funnier to discuss!

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