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Resident Evil 4 Remake – Review

Resident Evil has been so popular for so many years that the series is now re-visiting itself. Capcom decided to continue the Resident Evil 2 & 3 remakes with Leon S Kennedy’s adventures. It’s true, this is a remake from one of the best games ever made. It’s time to start Resident Evil 4 Remake. Remember, fun ….stranger rhymes with gun.

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Never Catch a Break

Resident Evil 4 Remake features Leon S Kennedy as the RPD’s last recruit, and survivor from Raccoon city Destruction Incident. He has since been hired by the U.S. Government, and most recently the President Graham’s security detail.

This village, as you might expect from a horror game, is run by a cult. Resident Evil is known for its abundance of bioweapons that are hidden in the shadows of Umbrella Corporation’s “demise”.

The credits and a few surprises at the end further complicate the story, but for fans of the series this is a B-movie plot with a lot of fromage.

It is a continuation of the first film, with all major plot points being covered. However, the storyline has been rewritten to give more time to some characters. Luis’ charms have been a favorite with women for years. Ashley’s character has been rewritten to make her appear less like a “damsel-in-distress”. In this new version, the cheese is reduced but Leon still has no problem dropping a one-liner when it suits the occasion.

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Nighty Night Knights

The control scheme is one of the biggest complaints about the original Resident Evil 4. The original Resident Evil 4 was followed by a slew of imitators, including Gears of War. However, the game hasn’t held up as well to newer players. The game has an unmistakable clunky feel and lacks movement while shooting. The Resident Evil 4 Remake, like other titles, has upgraded the combat system.

Now you can fire shots while moving around. You can now fire shots even while you are moving. The enemies are also more aggressive. The enemies no longer slow as they approach.

Capcom tweaked its famous combat knife to make it more fluid and work with the combat flow. Leon is able to parry most attacks by pressing a button at the right time. Projectiles, chainsaws, and other weapons are no match for Mr. Kennedy if your knife has enough durability. After hitting the perfect timing in a parry, you can launch a German Suplex or give your opponent a quick kick to their face.

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The durability of the knife will be a major factor in the initial 12-hour runtime. The knife can be used to kill an enemy in stealth or to do serious damage when it is downed. However, each time it is used it will lose its durability. It may even break. You can replace the knives, but the enhanced damage of the Combat Knife is more appealing than the Las Plagas Kitchen Knives scattered around the village.

Here, gunpowder is more prominent because each game requires a crafting system. You’ll receive plenty of ammunition, but you will also be provided with materials. It’s up to you what you want to make. Do you craft more handgun ammo? You might think that you’ll be able to make due until you get enough Magnum ammunition. This was great because it forced me to think about every scenario that could happen in a combat situation, rather than just making an educated guess as I walked into a room full of rifle ammunition.

Resident Evil 2 & 3 Remake’s combat system has been fully realised with the knife dance, parrying and new aggressive stance displayed by yourself and Las Plagas. I’m excited to play the new Mercenaries Mode. If you pay attention and put in some effort, this can be played as an action-packed game. Even John Wick will sweat if he sees you blocking a chainsaw using a kitchen blade, then throwing a roundhouse and firing off some headshots. You’ll remember the Resident Evil 4 battles, but without all the weight or the “stop and start” aiming that your mind has chosen to ignore.

What are you buying?

It’s back: the inventory system! It’s addictive to arrange the guns, ammunition, herbs, eggs and animals that you collect using its blocks-based system. You can customize your case so that it holds all the tools of destruction. You can fit more into your case than the “auto-sort button” by rearranging items to make them fit and combining similar products.

Also returning is the merchant system and treasures. You can use the currency that you collect in-game to upgrade or repair your weaponry, as well as buy new items. You can sell treasures directly, or combine them with other smaller ones to increase their value. You can also play a shooting gallery which rewards you with coins in exchange for gacha machines that drop gallery figures and keychains. They are not just collectibles, but they also offer upgrades such as enhanced damage, higher item drops rates or discounts on certain items.

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What are you selling?

This game is not an exact remake of the original, but it does remain faithful to what was brought over. Only a few areas have been added or cut to increase the pace. This time, the Giant Lake has been redesigned to be more explorable. The cable car is gone and the entire castle section of the game was reworked to be more fun. The Water Room, which was once a horrifying place to be in, is no longer as bad as it used to be.

These tweaks make the game more tight and consistent. It’s a good thing that The Island has been reworked so much, it no longer feels like the flaw it used to be. The boss fights were also altered, particularly the last one which now feels more dangerous than before.

If you’re familiar with Resident Evil 4, then you know the majority of the gameplay was an escort. You can still command Ashley to stay close, or move away and again hide. In the remake, these sections do not feel as important. The sections are still there, but they’re not as annoying as before thanks to the improved A.I.

I Will Buy it at a High Price

What would Resident Evil without unlockables or difficulty levels? Resident Evil 4 Remake is packed with unlockables, from special weapons to costumes. It comes with easy, standard and hardcore difficulty levels, with different rankings. This title will keep you entertained for a long time with the release of the Mercenaries DLC, and also the rumored Ada “Separate Ways”.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is a good remake. The remake offers an alternate to the original, but does not replace it. The original is still a great game, and I believe it to be so today. But this product creates a similar experience, since the Remake Series that Capcom runs along with the mainline continuation. The game plays with players who are familiar with the first and subverts expectations. Early on, rather than allow you to hide inside the clock tower in the village the floor collapses.

Are You Planning to Shoot an Elephant?

Resident Evil 4 Remake, in my humble opinion, is on par with the visuals of the recent Dead Space Remake. It would be higher if it wasn’t for those rather questionable dog character models. The horror genre has never been so appealing.

This game creates the most atmospheric and visually stunning areas for you to die. From the decayed village cabins, to the lake engulfed in mist, to the outpost military, it doesn’t miss a step. The castle is a huge shout out to all those involved. The castle area has seen the most effort in transforming it from an average location into a Resident Evil icon that can stand up to Castle Dimitrescu.

Character models are generally fantastic. Everything else is great, except for the strange-looking dogs and the giant animals littering the grounds. Ashley appears to be a bit younger than when she made her RPD debut. Leon also looks slightly more aged.

After the credits, I didn’t find any standouts in the soundtrack. The soundtrack was great, but I couldn’t pick out any standouts after the credits.

The voice acting in this game is excellent, as one would expect. The days of Resident Evil 1 and its charming, but constrained Jill Sandwiches are gone. The familiar enemies’ cries are also present. Hunnigan’s mission updates are sent through the controller, which I have never liked.

The recasting is worth a small and final mention. The actor does try, but it doesn’t seem like they are as committed to the original. Instead, I feel that this substitute comes off looking poor. This is a small issue but I’d have liked to see the original reprise the role.

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