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The Art of War: Latest News In Strategy and Wargaming

Unrecord was a strange inclusion but I could not let it go. The game is about being a cop, but from a POV using a camera. It’s amazing how developers were able to create a game that looks so real. From textures to landscapes, the world has been meticulously designed with great attention to details. Everything is so realistic, from the characters to their behavior and movement. You can watch the video.

Bomber Command: Raid the Reich

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Tim Stone from Tally-Ho Corner wrote a very comprehensive article on Bomber Command – a World War 2 Bomb’em-like game from Silent S Studios. You’ll be planning bombing missions of the Reich while oohing and ahhing over maps. I hope to have some time this weekend with it.

Boshin War: Fire and Maneuver Expansion

O5EdfRW - The Art of War: Latest News In Strategy and Wargaming

Fire and Maneuver Expansion : Boshin War, is a new exciting expansion to the popular Fire and Maneuver game. The Armchair Historian developed the expansion. This expansion will take players back in time to the Boshin War, which took place during 19th-century Japan.

Players can choose to play as either the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) or Shogunate’s forces in this expansion. In this conflict, players must use tactics and strategy to overcome their enemies and come out victorious. The expansions include The Boshin War, and The Escalation of Shmonoseki.

Romans are Here!

jruXzCX - The Art of War: Latest News In Strategy and Wargaming

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – Return of Rome is a new expansion for the iconic strategy game, Age of Empires II. This expansion features three campaigns featuring the Roman Empire, the only playable civilisation. The expansion has 17 civilizations. But, according to what I’ve heard, it will not allow you to play the Assyrians and Spain. Rome will be the only exception, since Romans are now a playable civilisation in Age of Empires II Definitive edition.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – Return of Rome will launch on the 16th of May and cost 15 of your local doubloons.

Victoria 3 DLC – Let the people speak with this latest DLC

RiOhYlm - The Art of War: Latest News In Strategy and Wargaming

Victoria 3: Voice of the People, a new immersive pack for the game Victoria 3, allows you to relive the political turmoil of the nineteenth century. The new Agitator System allows you to experience more than 60 historical figures fighting for their nation’s beliefs.

This pack, which includes Agitator, also features new journal entries and events that relate the story of France. France is one of history’s most important and influential empires. France’s history during Victoria 3 was a turbulent one, with a lot of adventure and turmoil. From the House o Orleans through to the Second Bonaparte Empire up until the Third Republic.

This pack includes a brand new map of France with new buildings and UI inspired by art nouveau.

This pack costs 15 buckaroos, and will be launched on May 22.

Stranded: Alien Dawn – Surviving a Deadly Alien World

This new game takes you to a dangerous and massive alien world on an exciting and unpredictable adventure. This game has you playing as the leader of an isolated group of survivors. It is your job to save them by taking vital decisions in order to prevent them from dying of starvation or disease. You must build and develop your unique base, and create clever defenses that will protect it against the alien creatures roaming around.

Stranded Alien Dawn’s random storyline events, threats from alien wildlife, and unfavorable weather make every game play unique. Modular base building allows players to build their base in an alien planet, from a shelter to high-tech outpost. You can protect it by installing perimeter defenses and adding furnishings. Automated devices like defensive turrets are also available.

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