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Ten Cool New Items In Pathfinder Treasure Vault

Pathfinder Treasure Vault gives adventuring groups access to an array of new tools and treasures. This new addition to Paizo ‘s fantasy TTRPG is sure to please everyone, regardless of whether your skill set is arcane or military. This book contains so many rules and useful items that it would take a long article to cover them all. We would however like to focus on ten specific items that can be found in the book. This is not an exhaustive look at the book. It’s just a taster of what it has to offer.

The Swallow Spike Armor Rune

Pathfinder treasure Vault includes the new armor properties runes as well, which gives players even more options to personalize their character. There are many useful runes in the book to provide players with more options, including applying spell effects on armor and providing resistance against certain magical effects. The Swallow-Spike rune deserves special mention.

The name suggests that if you’re grabbed or sucked up by an animal, spikes will be activated as a response, which causes ongoing damage to the target. You can be protected from immobilization. This is a good enhancement to use if you know your group will be faced with giant monsters while on the road.

Pathfinder Treasure Vault Featured Image - Ten Cool New Items In Pathfinder Treasure Vault

Black Hole Armor

Pathfinder treasure Vault offers a wide variety of options for magic armor. The armor is a great way to start a campaign or bring a new twist to a subplot. It can also be a goal for artisans. The black hole armor is a standout among the many thematic options available. The sci-fi armor is not only resistant to physical attacks, but it can also absorb them. Once a number of projectiles have been absorbed you can then throw them all back in one burst at your enemy.

Clockwork Shield

The clockwork shield will appeal to those who like the complexity of the Inventor’s class, or simply want to keep a Steampunk aesthetic. The spinning gears act as shield spikes at first. The shield is unique in that it allows you to block shields as an additional reaction each turn. This shield is a great way to protect yourself.

Bow Staff

This section is full of weapons that would be right at home in Jalmeray’s Houses of Perfection or the lands of Tian XIa. The weapons in this section would have been right at home with the students of Jalmeray’s Houses of Perfection, or on the lands of Tian XIa.

Some of these weapons are the feng-huo-lun, meteor hammer and kusarigama. Bow-Staff deserves special attention. This combo weapon can be changed from a whip staff into a long range bow by making a couple of quick adjustments.

Piston Gauntlets

You may enjoy an item for its “coolness” factor. You may enjoy a magical item because it offers a variety of storytelling opportunities. There are also times when the design of a weapon and its efficiency is such that they cause both laughter and cheers. The piston gauntlets are a clockwork product that looks like a pantograph novelty boxing glove on fire. Get crafting if you want to add some Loony Tunes fun to your table.

Spark Dancer

Gunslingers will find new toys in this book. There’s a lot of new and interesting entries for firearms in Pathfinder Treasure Vault, but the Spark Dancer is one of my favorites. The enchanted Pepperbox can not only unleash electric and fire spells, but also powerful ammunition. Start saving your gold, Gunslingers.


Are your dedicated spellcasters feeling underpowered? Pathfinder Treasure Vault adds some enhancements for certain spells. These objects are described as an alchemy of magic. They give spells additional benefits.

Cooperative Waffles

Pathfinder Treasure Vault has some brand new recipes that you can experiment with. These new recipes also include magic-helpful lozenges and food. Cooperative Waffles are arguably the most innovative of all these recipes. They are special breakfast food items, with alchemical syrups and butter compound. You share these with another party member and, for the next 24 hours, receive enhanced bonuses as you help each other with skill challenges. The waffles are expensive to make but it is amazing that they can improve teamwork.

Sanguine Fang

Pathfinder treasure vault introduces Spellhearts, a form of magic enhancements that is similar to runes. They are also attached to armor or weapons, but they have a limited number of spells that they can cast, similar to magic wands. And they provide permanent effects on weapons and armor. The cost of integration is higher, but they are well worth the investment.

Sanguine Fang is a good example. The preserved vampire fang provides extra protection against bleeds or negative energies when it is applied to armor. It can also provide additional bleed damage or vampiric damages to melee weaponry. You can also cast Chill Touch only once per day. If your spellcasting is a failure, you still get a powerful magical boost for just one upgrade.

Cayden Caillean’s Tankard

Pathfinder Treasure Vault has a section on artifacts. The book includes mechanics and rules for intelligent objects, cursed items, and ancient relics. One of these fantastical objects of immense power stood out among the rest. All Chaotic Good adventures love Cayden Caillean. He is the man on a binge who went through the Trial of the Starstone and emerged as god.

The list below does not cover all of the content in Pathfinder Treasure Vault. The alternate crafting systems are arguably this book’s biggest selling point. If any of the above entries caught your eye, Paizo’s book offers new adventure opportunities.

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