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Five Cool Things in Pathfinder Lost Omens Firebrands

With the release Pathfinder Firebrands Lost Omens another facet of Golarion’s world is brought to the forefront. This book is about pirates and revolutionaries who disrupt corrupt or unjust institutions. The 130-page book only focuses on one small area of the world. But the devil lies in the details. There are many details that you can enjoy. This book has five things that will make you feel like a Firebrand.

Firebrand Lore

Lost Omens Firebrands is not a book that throws players in the deep end. It’s a great thing, given the history of Golarion and the density of its world. This book is a detailed look at the history of Firebrands, their organizations and different reputations. The book also highlights nations and groups that support the chaos of Firebrands liberation. Andoran is one of them, because of their willingness to get involved in other countries and abhorrence for slavery. Other examples are the Celestial Azatas, the Bellflower Network, and Ravenoul. This book highlights the different religions and beliefs that Firebrands hold, such as the LGBT progressives who follow Arshea and Calistria’s dangerous lies, or the collateral damage caused by Lubaiko.

Firebrands, on the other hand, are not allies of everyone. They also have to deal with a frenetic relationship between The Free Captains and the Shackles.

Pathfinder Lost Omens Firebrands Feautred Artwork - Five Cool Things in Pathfinder Lost Omens Firebrands

Unique Notable Figures

This is a Sourcebook. P Athfinder Lost Omens Firebrands will introduce new NPCs that represent different aspects of a country or organization. The sourcebook does not disappoint, with pages dedicated to interesting personalities that will spice up a Firebrands game.

The New Backgrounds for Players and their Feats

If your players wish to join this raucous band of revolutionary, then they will need to ensure that their characters are of the right origin. Firebrands Lost Omenshas 7 new backgrounds, including Thrill Seeker.

New feats will help you build up your character to be a true disturber of peace. Half-Truths is my personal favorite Deception feat. You can use Diplomacy instead of Deception to make a request and Deception in place of Diplomacy to tell a lie. The Gunslinger’s class feat, Ostentatious Reload is a close second. It allows you to perform an elaborate act of juggling with pistols and ammunition while reloading. Success can result in reloading both weapons at once, while failures can cause you to lose ammo or not reload.

Useful Magical Items and Spells that are Thematically Related

Pathfinder Firebrands also contains some magic items that are suitable for assassins, infiltrators and saboteurs. The three most notable are the Subtle Armor adjustment, which lets you disguise armor to look like everyday clothing. Also, there is the Anylength Rope, which expands or contracts itself to make it easier and more convenient. And the Blink Blade, which will allow you to instantly teleport after you have killed your target.

You can also find some rather roguish magic spells. Confetti Cloud, Flashy Disappearance and other spells are themed ostentatious. Some are very helpful, like Cutting Insult which causes psychic damage to the target by insulting them, or Nothing Up My Sleeve which transforms your sleeves into extradimensional pockets.

Firebrand Services System

Pathfinder Lose Omens Firebrands also has a section dedicated to the different aids and services that aspiring revolutionaries may need. It includes obtaining key information via a network or scouts as well as scheduling the delivery of secret supply caches. Players can also find out the rules and cost of a safehouse after completing a mission, and learn how to insert incendiary propaganda into settlements. This all comes together and makes a Firebrands campaign feel revolutionary.

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