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Unbeatable: Roman Stanislav Lema’s The Invincible Now on Steam!

The Invincible is a sci-fi adventure game in the first person. A demo was released on Steam.

demon of the game the invincible by roman stanislav lema became available for a week on steam 0 - Unbeatable: Roman Stanislav Lema's The Invincible Now on Steam!

Demos will be made available to everyone for free until May 11th.

The Invincible will be released on PC, Xbox Series X| S and PlayStation 5.

Starward Industries is a Polish studio founded by former CD Projekt Red, Techland and Techland employees.

The game’s story is inspired by the Stanislav Lem book “The Invincible Fantast” and tells how an astrobiologist team was sent to Regis III, a new planet, to explore it in greater detail. But when they arrived, a part of the team suddenly disappeared, and their scientific mission turned into a search-and-survival expedition.

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